Xbox X or PS5?

Xbox X or PS5?

Music Connects People

When I watched the latest Deathloop trailer, I was astonished by everything I saw and heard, especially the latter :) I started digging a little and found out that the song in the trailer was an Ndidi O cover of the badass classic, “Grand Funk Railroad - Inside Looking Out.” While digging through YouTube, I saw Deathloop-related comments under each music video that I’d come across. This cover from the 90’s was no exception:

If you open the comments section there, you’ll find that someone was sure he or she had found the track from the game trailer, which is wrong :) This led me to want to get things cleared up, and I wrote a word or two about the different versions of the “Inside Looking Out” track. Unexpectedly, another person responded to my comment with the following question:

Hi, I’m a little confused between PS5 & Xbox. Which one you’re gonna buy and why?

I believe that the answer here couldn’t be binary, so this was a chance to reveal my attitude to this eternal dilemma, so here is…

…My Answer

There’s an old holy war over which console is better, but I’ve never been one to participate in it :) My point is that the choice depends only on what particular titles you are waiting for. If your personal top of anticipated games includes mostly PS exclusives, choose PS. Otherwise, choose Xbox.

Still, there are 2 nuances here that you may consider as well:

  1. According to news, PS5 will have very few fresh exclusives at the release, e.g.., Horizon: Forbidden West will be released far later, in 2021. However, you’ll be able to play Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima, but they’re developed for the current console generation, so the graphics won’t be as impressive in comparison with games for the NextGen, bear in mind.
  2. If your personal top of upcoming games consists of NON-exclusive titles and you already have a decent PC/laptop, maybe you don’t want to buy any of those consoles. This is especially interesting in terms of Xbox, as all its games are also available on PC and, what’s funnier, many of them can be grabbed via the Game Pass subscription. This means that there’s a high chance that having a PC/laptop and a Game Pass subscription would be extremely cheaper than buying an Xbox and then games for it.

Speaking for myself, I have a laptop with a powerful CPU but a mediocre GPU (Nvidia 1050). It runs Doom Eternal on medium settings, but I’m sure that newer games will perform dramatically lower on my hardware. This is why I’m going to buy a console. Why is it going to be a PS? Because my own top of upcoming games is dedicated to this console :) The next Spider-Man, Returnal, Deathloop, etc.

Hope I’ve answered your question. Feel free to ask follow-up questions.

The Holy War is Pointless

All gaming platforms are great, no matter what rude things some might say. But most of us don’t have an endless budget, so we cannot buy every platform on the market to enjoy all this gaming diversity. So, if a person is forced to make a decision in favor of one particular platform, he or she should rely on their gaming tastes only, not on the shallow opinions of haters or fanboys.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, and keep cool!

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